by trajic
2007/05/10, 13:05

    there are quite a few changes on the site!

let's see:

  • many thanks to Rascy/Dilemma for the new skin for the site! use the setup box (bottom left) and switch to the SpikeBalls skin!
  • demos section: Ferenc Kotormán contacted me long ago with a large amount of materials about demos, now here they are with the processed version of these materials! it wasn't easy to convert them to a database but it worth it. there are still around 2000 images waiting to be added, so keep your eyes on it!
  • the code of the site engine was also 90% reorganized, now it's been uploaded too. not something you could truly enjoy, it's just something cleaner, safer, better :)
  • now there's RSS feed for news and forum, check the bottom of the page!
  • the users' avatars are also displayed in the forum, they're just so beautiful :)