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old news

 2004-12-16, Thursday
Breakpoint bustrip 132 clicks (since 4:27)

... from Budapest. Click.

posted by:Tomcat
 2004-11-24, Wednesday
Conspiracy introtool released 128 clicks (since 0:12)

We have released the second generation of our intro tool, used for the creation of recent intros like The Prophecy and Beyond. Have fun!

posted by:BoyC
 2004-11-21, Sunday
Trip to Breakpoint 2005 72 clicks (since 23:59)

This news item doesn't make much sense for foreigners, since I guess not many of you are willing to travel from Budapest. :)

posted by:Tomcat
 2004-09-26, Sunday
Function party t-shirts 132 clicks (since 20:23)

Party t-shirts will be available at the partyplace for a special price, only 1900 Ft (7.5 Euros). I'll also bring some original Assembly 2004 tees, for 2000 Ft (8 Euros).

posted by:Tomcat
 2004-08-20, Friday
MEW 11 SE v1.0 143 clicks (since 22:40)

The new version of the best exe-packer (info: http://pect.y11.net ) is out! Better than UPX and FSG! Designed for 4k, 64k intros but does a great job on other kind of huge files too. Go download and start to use! ;)

posted by:Northfox
 2004-08-16, Monday
Function 2004 115 clicks (since 13:31)

For those who haven't heard yet, Function party will be held this year also, for the second time. Forget about last year's village feeling, cause this time the place is in a real city, namely Győr. The date is 1-3 October, you can find all the other important information on the fresh new webpage.

posted by:zoom
 2004-08-10, Tuesday
Grave news from Hungary 146 clicks (since 14:20)

Grave news has reached us today. One of the greatest legends of the Hungarian scene, Mr. Wax of Chromance is not with us any more. He died in a terrible car crash on 1st August, near Nagykapornak, Hungary.

Mr. Wax, or Balazs Bernath was one of the founders of the Hungarian scene. He started the first real Hungarian group, FBI Crew with other celebrities like Jean. The group was later renamed to Chromance. As the leader of this group since 1988, he was internationally recognized as an elite swapper, a great cracker/importer and a nice penfriend of hundreds. Literally he and his group laid the fundaments of all scene activity in Hungary, and served as an example for many scener generations.

Rest in peace, Mr. Wax. We'll never forget you.

(on the picture you'll see Mr. Wax on the left, travelling to a party with other Chromance members in 1990)

posted by:Tomcat
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23:36:kihaltunk, de mégse!
15:43:Kihaltunk, de még nem teljesen :)
15:46:Basszus, most nézem milyen népszerő a www. thewhit esocks. com
15:47:www. thewhit esocks. com
15:47:Ugynei az első a downloads szekcióban, érdekes :)
16:02:http: / / plastik. hu/ 2010/ 07/ 23/ swedish- chiptune- organ- sounds- a
1:45:Durva, megtaláltam a 15 évvel ezelőtti számaimat neten! :)
1:47:Trajic, a tieid is ott vannak! 8D (belinkeltem - useroldal)

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